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solar landscape light Landscape lighting is often designed for its aesthetic effect more than its practical use.  So, as in painting, careful thought must be given to color, level, and placement of the landscape fixtures.  Garden lighting should offer a blend of cool light sources for planting beds and landscaped areas and warm light sources for outdoor living areas.  Individual light sources should be kept dim for compatibility with nighttime ambient light levels and to avoid glare and light pollution.  Plan to use candles or other small temporary lighting sources near cooking and eating areas, as required.  Consider the relative light levels indoors and outdoors in the evening hours, when you wish to enjoy the view of your illuminated landscape from indoors and perhaps from an outdoor deck or patio.

solar light Landscape lighting sources should be unobtrusive and located near ground level.  A number of small landscape lights, carefully placed to accent the features of the yard and garden, can create a warm, inviting atmosphere.  When designing your outdoor lighting, consider the yard as a group of related spaces rather than trying to light the entire area uniformly.

landscape lighting Low voltage (or solar) landscape lighting can be less costly to purchase and install than exterior lighting powered by household current.  In any case, be sure to buy lighting fixtures, wire, and accessories that are designed for outdoor use.  Retain the services of a qualified professional lighting installer, especially if you plan to power your landscape lighting installation with household current.  Of course, solar landscape lights are the easiest to install, because they require no electrical cable installation.

Landscape Lighting Manufacturers

  • CAST Lighting
    Solid bronze landscape lighting products, including LEDs.
  • CopperMoon
    Architectural lighting, landscape lighting, street and area lighting.
  • Kichler Landscape Lighting
    Professional-quality outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, and garden lighting.
  • Stone Manor Lighting
    Hand-made copper, sculpted bronze, and slumped stained glass outdoor landscape lighting.
  • Unique Lighting Systems
    Low voltage lighting products, information, and resources.
  • Vista Outdoor Lighting
    Manufacturer of specification grade, architectural, and landscape lighting fixtures.
  • Best Quality Lighting
    California-based manufacturer of die cast brass, low voltage landscape lighting fixtures.

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