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woodland pathway lighting A well-lit pathway is not only welcoming, it is safe for family and friends.  Pathways that are lighted are also more secure, because they shed light on visitors and eliminate shadows.

If you are lighting a front entry, pendant or wall-mounted lanterns make a good choice.  Put the lights where they look best on the house, and make sure any hanging fixtures clear the door swing.  If you are lighting a large entryway, more lights at lower wattage look better than one higher-wattage bulb.  Entry lights don't need to be bright, and should range from 40 to 75 watts.

entry walk lighting in winter Paths can be lit with low path lights or floodlights mounted on trees.  While tree-mounted lighting is more difficult to install and maintain, it can brightly illuminate a wide walkway without shadows.  Low-level path lights will light up a walk, but will create shadows.  Low-voltage lamps that are mounted on short stems also make very effective path lighting.  Some lamps direct their light downwards, while others make miniature beacons that mark the path.  For a continuous path of light, path lights should be close together.  For a more atmospheric effect, place them farther apart.

Shorter driveways, those 100 feet or shorter, can be lit with low-voltage garden lights or louvered path lights.  An accent light that illuminates your street number or name is a nice touch.  If you are looking for a decorative effect, try lining the driveway with low-voltage path lights.  A post lantern or tree-mounted spotlight can also illuminate the pavement.

If you would like to light a paved area on the side of the house, such as a basketball court, mount lights on the side of the house or garage, about 10 feet high.

Path and entry lighting can be controlled with a timer, photocell, or a conventional switch or dimmer.  Security lights with motion sensors are designed to turn on when anything crosses their path.

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Pathway Lighting

garden path illuminated by three lights
Illuminated Garden Path