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deck lighting Lighting your patio means that you can use it at night.  It expands your living space, and creates an intimate area for friends and family to enjoy one another.

One of the easiest ways to light a patio is to place candles or battery-powered lanterns on a low table.  This type of low-intensity lighting creates a relaxed and comfortable social setting.

Deck lights are small low-voltage fixtures that are usually mounted on posts, walls, and other surfaces.  They illuminate the deck by gently washing it in light.  For the best coverage deck lights should be mounted just below eye level when seated, about 24 to 36 inches apart.

patio light
Patio Light at the Edge of a Landscaped Patio

If you are lighting a patio that doesn't have any walls or fences, in-ground paver lights are a good option.  These do a good job of marking the edges of patios or paths.

Downlights are aesthetically pleasing, and also do a good job of lighting a deck or patio.  These low-intensity lights can be hung from a tree, roof overhang, or any other yard structure.  Low-voltage pendants will completely shield a low-watt light source.  Remember not to use high-watt bulbs.  The effect will be too bright and harsh.

If you have a grill on your patio or deck, downlights on the wall will light up the cooking area to make your cooking experience more pleasant, not to mention safer.  A light placed about eight feet high will illuminate a space extending from three to five feet from the house.

Most low-voltage transformers plug into an outdoor outlet near the area they are lighting.  It's a good idea to wire the outlet to a switch near the patio door for easy control.

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Patio Lighting

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